IEEMA established in 1948, is the apex industry association of manufacturers of electrical, industrial electronics and allied equipment in India. IEEMA represents the complete value chain in power generation, transmission and distribution equipment. IEEMA members have a combined annual turnover in excess of US$ 42 billion and have contributed to more than 95% of the power equipment installed in India. IEEMA undertakes various activities and continues to add new dimensions to its services to assist the Electrical and Electronic Industry.

Under this partnership:

  • IEEMA will provide access of domain experts (not limiting to Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution and related domains) associated with IEEMA to the start-ups incubated at VJTI-TBI.
  • VJTI-TBI will co-organize with IEEMA, events including training, seminars and workshops focusing on technical and non-technical (business, regulatory, legal, funding etc) in the areas of power generation, transmission, distribution and related domains.
  • IEEMA to provide start-ups incubated at VJTI-TBI with access to Investors (Angel, VC or PE etc.,) associated with IEEMA who might be interested in investing in start-ups focusing on power generation, transmission, distribution and related domains.
  • VJTI-TBI and IEEMA, shall act as outreach partners for start-up events conducted by either party not limiting to events conducted by both parties together.